The Ultimate Business Application for the Fire Protection Industry.

Built Within The Powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform, firepro365 Provides The Tools You Need To Best Run Your Business.

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Customer Management Features

firepro365 was developed to fulfill a need for a comprehensive software solution that worked the way a fire protection company worked and wouldn’t become obsolete just a few years later.

Built on the Dynamics 365 enterprise platform from Microsoft, firepro365 will ensure that you are using the latest technology

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Are you tired of dealing with multiple, disconnected software systems to run your fire protection company? One system for scheduling techs, another system to manually fill out inspection reports, another to create invoices, and so on?

In an industry where every detail matters, wouldn’t it be better to have all of your important customer information in one place?

Over the years, you’ve solved different problems with different systems, but now you want one solution to solve them all.

Let us show you firepro365.

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firepro365 Utilizes These Microsoft Services

Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Teams Logo


Microsoft SharePoint




Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft Word


Microsoft Excel


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firepro365 is an all-in-one software solution to help you manage your fire protection company. You’ll have the tools and data to run your business available to you wherever and whenever you need them!

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